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Repairing tables after a MySQL crash
Posted by: Nicolás Gudiño Posted on: Jun-10th, 2015 23:09
Sometimes MySQL crashes. The most usual caise is a hard disk getting full.

When that happens, you will have database tables marked as crashed and Asternic won't work correctly (or it will not update data), even after you make room on your hard disk again.

To find out if some your tables are marked as crashed you can run these commands:

#> mysql -u root -p qstats -e "select * from queue_stats limit 10"
#> mysql -u root -p qstats -e "select * from recordings limit 10"
If any of those returns an error saying that the table is marked as "crashed", then you can repair them with the following commands:

#> mysql -u root -p qstats -e "repair table queue_stats"
#> mysql -u root -p qstats -e "repair table recordings"
Please note that the "recordings" table is part of CCStats PRO only. No such table exists on the Lite version.

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