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Upgrading Call Center Stats PRO from <2.0.8 versions to latests
Posted by: Agustín Gudiño Posted on: Oct-23rd, 2016 11:35

To install Call Center Stats PRO version 2.0.7 and prior versions you must perform manual procedures.

Version 2.0.8 and higher includes a Makefile that makes the install work far easy. But what about the upgrading procedure?

Well, here are the best procedures you can do for a perfect upgrade:

1. BACKUP the database before starting the upgrade
>mysqldump -uroot -p qstats > /tmp/qstatsdump.sql
2. DOWNLOAD and decompress the Call Center Stats PRO latest version, stop and/or kill the parser process
>killall -n tailqueue
3. THINGS to take on sight

We have updated files at the /parselog/ directory: the parser, recording script and more so the best way is to rename the /usr/local/parselog directory in order to have those files backedup during the upgrade process.

>mv /usr/local/parselog /usr/local/parselogold

Also the html files have been upgraded too, so the Call Center Stats PRO html directory should be renamed too. Remember that in the html directory there are some files that needs to be saved/referenced : the config.php (for connections to asterisk manager and mysql) and asterniclic.php (the license file). So renaming it should be also a nice move.

>mv /var/www/html/stats /var/www/html/statsold
4. Upgrading the software

Now we have those directories renamed we can install/create the new ones from the install by executing the following at the uncompressed CCstats PRO directory.

>make parselog
>make initscripts
>make webfiles

After executing those make commands, you will see the new files at /usr/local/parselog and /var/html/stats directories.

5. The parser now is a service

Also you will get a new file /etc/sysconfig/asterniclog (for centos) or /etc/default/asterniclog (for debian), that includes the service parameters for the new parser that now works as service, you will need to modify the file with correct mysql information. The parser can now be managed this way:

>service asterniclog (start|restart|stop|status|purge)
6. Final tests and checks

First check your new /var/www/html/stats/config.php for mysql auth. If you forget that info, you can also check the old one at /var/www/html/statsold/config.php.

Also you will need to copy the license to the new directory:

>cp /var/www/html/statsold/asterniclic.php /var/www/html/stats/.

Take note that the license should be ready to upgrade to latest versions, otherwise it will fail to work. You can also revoke the license before starting the upgrade.

Finally, you should be able to check the software by browsing it and, if everything is running ok, you can delete the old directories renamed ( /usr/local/parselogold and /var/www/html/statsold )

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